Hilarious blogs by weirdly funny people

Even Angels Fall… http://www.darkangelme.blogspot.com Yeah, she falls and does it so hilariously I get mad when she doesn’t post new stuff soon enough for me.

DGM http://www.dadgonemad.com

Now do I have to say anything more after the url. He is a Dad and he is Mad. Plus he will release a book next year.

The Web Bandit http://www.nairobiliving.com
Well, a bandit on the web, who reviews pubs, likes beer, with the branding too, and gets himself into more trouble than he can handle in one lifetime!

Christine & Rich’s Wedding Blog http://christineandrich.wordpress.com/ I’m not sure why, but I readthis one.

Teddy Bear.
She will definately kill me but I know five people who would like her to start blogging again. On this and the other one.

Storymoja http://www.storymojaafrica.wordpress.com
Well, I edit the blog, but the writers on it are many and very much talented. Martin Njaga always gets me with the humor, Sienna is incongrously daring, and all the others are very much talented. Salud!

If you know better, share! Just post your intelligence in the comments sections. Thank you very much!


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