Storm- the Alternate

My Facebook Profile does not have my picture. I usually vacillate between posting my own photos, avatars and comic/anime/manga images. I’m not very sure about copyright issues, but I hope I haven’t violated anything.

Storm of The X-men

Storm of The X-men


My current profile picture is of Storm from the X-men series. In the story of the mutant X-men, Storm was born to a North American Dad and an African Mum. Her mum was from Kenya. Anyway, her folks were killed when she was young and she partly grew up in Egypt. Unlike Barack Obama’s life, Storm’s life first led her into crime, before she was rescued and trained to become one of the most powerful mutants in the series. She worked with the rest of the team, my other favorite being Wolverine to train young mutants to use their powers for the good of humanity, and to defend them from a largely mutant-phobic population.

At one time Storm lost her powers and was in danger from enemy forces. She still continued with her work protecting and training mutants, but this time in Africa. She fell in love with an African prince but their lives could not combine. She did recover from that and even went on to fall in love again and to rebuild her life. Her life is constantly interrupted by challenges but she finds a way to surmount them everytime. Of course, in spite of her powers, she is a mortal.

It’s just a fictitious story in an alternate reality. But somehow I see so many parallels to my own reality. I am not anywhere near the kind of power Storm is described as having. but I know a bit about working with highly talented kids who have no idea what to do with their talents. I know about living in a world where people hate those who are different. I know a little more about falling in love with the wrong person, and being so messed up about it that I lose track of my purpose in life.

i constantly face challenges, emotional, physical, mental. It is a daily struggle just to be. And of course I have not forgotten that i am mortal.

I am not Storm. I am just a girl trying to be a woman, to own my place in this reality. I am Juliet Maruru

© Juliet Maruru 2009


2 thoughts on “Storm- the Alternate

  1. I’ve always identified myself with storm and wonderwoman. I mean I wouldn’t mind having their powers that would be so cool. Imagine someone vexing me and I summon up a storm tailor made just for them yeah and I’d join the olympics too because I know I’d win in all the events. hehehehe! 🙂


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