Superman – The Identity issues.


Kal-el/ Clark Kent/ Superman

Kal-el/ Clark Kent/ Superman


I guess I’ll just do a little background on another of my favorite Comic/Animated Series/Alternate Reality characters. Kal-el…



Born Kal-el to Kryptonian parents, who then shipped him off to earth (or a similar version of the story) just before the destruction of Krypton, his Home planet, he is raised on earth by Jonathan and Martha Kent who name him Clark Kent.


In the variations of the Stories told, from the fairly recent Smallville, to Lois and Clark, and the Superman Comics and movies, Clark Kent grows up in small town Kansas, with the values of honesty and integrity instilled into him by his adoptive parents. He struggles with the ‘dark side’, an inborn desire for fame and wealth. He has a friend in Lex Luthor, a kinda good kid who grows into his ‘evil’ person later. 


As an adult, Clark Kent, the country bumpkin works at the Daily Planet as a journalist, a job which allows him to be Superman when he needs to. He falls in love with Lois Lane, who is in love with Superman and is not quite impressed by Clark Kent.


Clark Kent/ Superman/ Kal-el loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, football games and the smell of springtime. Superman protects the Metropolis from evil/destructive influences. Kal-el is haunted by memories/thoughts of his home planet, his parents and the ‘life in space’ who invade the earthly space he protects and at times offers him clues about his true heritage.


I’m thinking, dude, you are just like the rest of us. Although in the story Clark Kent/ Superman / Kal-el has extraordinary abilities, he has weaknesses, feelings, desires. He struggles with the ‘evil’ and the ‘good’ in him. He struggles with his identities. Sometimes, it is so unclear to him he goes kinda crazy. Like when he was tricked into handling manufactured Kryptonite, which instead of making him weak, made him turn into a rogue, destroying and wrecking havoc on the Metropolis he works so hard to protect in his right mind. 


Sometimes it is clear to him though. When he reveals his identity to Lois Lane and she lashes out at him angrily, he says, ” I am Clark Kent, the man you love. Superman is what I do.” I’m sorta wondering, what about Kal-el?


Anyway, this is just another comic character that allows me the luxury to mull over identity while pretending to bum around on my mother’s living room couch.

© Juliet Maruru 2009


One thought on “Superman – The Identity issues.

  1. Nice… I’m impressed!!! I’m a big fan of the comic version though. I think once they brought the story onto film, they fucked up what the original writer had in mind.

    Anyway, think about it. Kal-El, Clark & Superman. One character view humans as creatures lucky to be alive, the other is a push over and is always bullied, and let it slide. While the other is the indestructible hero…


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