Success, the definitions and the anchors

So I was kinda taking a break from editing three of a few dozen books that need to be developed before June, when I landed on this site here.

The author of the blog, Daniel Ngari, has chosen to focus his entire blog on success through positive actions. It was a bit preachy for me but I kinda like it.  So I am sorta going to do my own ramble about my own thoughts.

When I was a kid, growing up in a little town near the Mtwapa Creek, success seemed like the one thing I was never going to have. You see I had allowed my own perspective of success get messed up by other people who did not matter to me. It resulted in me spending the better part of my teens as an angry isolated teen. Then one day, I realised that every one has the chance to make the most of their lives, and I could be successful in doing that. Over time I have had to learn many lessons, but the most important one I have learnt is that nothing and no one is more important than the people I love, than my faith, and hope and determination to be the best I can be. (read Ngara’s Thoughts on Success here)

As to focus, there have been times when pain and fear have hazed my focus. I am thankful for the people in my life who have supported me, and taught me that independence is not the key, but interdependence helps us all accomplish common and individual goals. That has been a hard lesson to learn, when I am more prone to mistrusting people. Recently, I was accused of sabotaging relationships by being over zealous in the clowning department. Just a loss of focus, I suppose. When it comes down to it, I am aware that firm determination and focus is the key to reaching my dreams, even if I will take time out to be the Idiot of the Block.(read Ngara’s Thoughts on Focus here)

Daniel Ngari has blogged about Kaizen, ( baby steps- Japanese), Financial freedom, Giving, gratitude, the traps of mediocrity, Intolerance, Dormant Passions and the Power of Positive Thinking, Hardwork, Perspective, Committment, Visualisation, Action, Discipline, Follow-up and Self-Mastery. Look at all that here.

I think that the biggest hindrance to success is the perspective of success. A lot of people have warped senses of success, and the responsibility that comes with success. They either set out looking for the wrong thing, or for the right thing the wrong way. They cause themselves pain, and hurt the people who care about them.

Before setting out in search of success, every person should sit down, decide what they want, calculate how to get it, and what it will cost them.

But then life never happens like that. That is why we need anchors, those special people in our lives who remind us where we are going and why.

© Juliet Maruru 2009


One thought on “Success, the definitions and the anchors

  1. Hi Juliet,

    Thank you for the success message and link love to my blog. I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to write about some of the issues I have touched on.

    I like it when you say “Before setting out in search of success, every person should sit down, decide what they want, calculate how to get it, and what it will cost them.” Alot of people do not really step back and decide what it is that they really want. They just go with the flow.

    Thank you and keep writing.

    Daniel Ngari


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