Well, I have several definitions for the word, along with the other spelling. Stupid.

1. Any man who believes that women have lesser rights by virtue of being women.

2. Any woman who believes men have no rights at all by virtue of their being men.

3. Any person who judges and discriminates against other people by virtue of their appearance, race, creed, age, gender, (add to the list of possible rights violations).

4. Any man or woman, who perpetrates violence, physical or sexual, against any other human being, with or without provocation, for any reason other than self-defense.

That said and done, here is the other kind of stoopid. I did not realise how bad it was until my boss came to my desk trying to find a Swahili equivalent of untidy, and having exhausted all familiar variations, I turned to the computer almost by reflex and typed google.  

I don’t even use the book thesaurus on my desk any more. I solve problems by googling. I google people, places, information, god-knows what else I’ll be googling in the future. And having the world at your fingertips might be great, but this is turning into another passive activity, isn’t it?

Google, and Facebook. Wonderful, great, terrifying. T-R-O-U-B-L-E © Juliet Maruru 2009 http://www.jmaruru.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “S-T-O-O-P-I-D

  1. You and half the world dear… don’t be scandalized. You are just evolving with the rest of us.


  2. You can copy my English-Kiswahili / Kiswahili-English dictionaries. When I really get stuck, I pull them from my drawer and voila! Mimi msomi like Nuhu Bakari.

    @ Rafiki, don’t even mention that FB biz. I deactivated my account, but only for a mere 12 hours – it’s too addictive. Right now, it’s open and I’m working on 5 other windows. Tsk!


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