Blue Thursday….

Well, Thursday, usually an intense day on any week for me. Today by far more than any other thursdays. I am pissed off and anxious.

Pissed off because some people seem to think that no one else matters except their own selves. Anxious because someone gave me an ultimatum and I do not do very well with ultimatums. As a matter of fact, I usually rebel against ultimatums. But for once this time, this ultimatum comes from someone I genuinely care about, And I am frozen in the middle of the highway like a scared rabbit in the lights of a 26 wheel truck.

So here I am, topicless on a thursday evening, because I exhausted my topic of the day on someone else’s facebook wall, in a conversation with someone other than the owner of the facebook page, about something that left me wondering about too many things.

So here’s the gist of the matter. I read a cute little story about a rare lizard who could not figure out what kind of lizard they were. That’s me.

So my conversation partner asked me, where I get my weird attitudes on society and on differences, and I cannot say.

I just know that I believe in the beauty of diversity, that I will decide individual guilt or innocence by individual facts and not on collective history, that as far as it depends upon me, I will not violate or try to violate the rights of another person for any reason, whether by intolerance, malice or negligence.

Ah, yes, I am idealist. What other choice do I have? No, none.


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