Bedbugs, red wine, midnight velvet.


So here we are. In Kakamega. Wangui my travel companion is absolutely certain that Uganda is down the street. She may be right but we will get up and go buy a Map first thing in the morning.

Oh yes, the bus ride from Nairobi was quite traumatic. We really should have taken the train. Oh that’s right; my brothers in Kibera uprooted the railway. I tried really hard not to curse them every time the bus hit a pothole.

I like our room, it is large and spacious and we don’t have to share a bathroom at the end of the hall with our imaginary housemates. If anyone wants to know what that is about, pleas ask Miss Wangui Kimari. She has a phobia for bathrooms at the end of the hall; shared by a bunch of guys especially if she has to go there wearing one red and one green bath slipper.

So cool. Nice room. We had supper in a not very nice place called the Western Grill that everyone in town thinks is the best. The service was slow and not very organized and it did not help that Wangui and I had gotten very cranky by then.

Our host, a very nice man named Martin, was slightly intimidated by us, but he mellowed and absolutely set us at ease. Well, that was before he mentioned that we were actually going o be running a workshop for kids much younger than we had been informed of. Recon, man, that’s what we should have done. Somehow, phone conversations are never quite accurate.

The bottle of wine is halfway empty, the Midnight Velvets almost gone, Wangui is struggling with something that is fluttering under the bedcovers and suggestions of Kakamega snakes have quite an interesting effect.

I am trying to read Cane River by Lalita Tademi while waiting for calls from the four loves of my life. Kinda sleepy, too. I hope tomorrow will be fine.

P. S. Our phrase of the day is: “Excuse me, sir, please excuse me for a minute. I need to freak out.” (Words of Duki, Johnny Test’s Dog.)


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