Blocked WC’s, Ngo Speak, and HOT!


Okay, it has been quite a long day. I am not feeling very well, and there have been a few frustrations during the day, but I must say that the girls we are working with make it all so worth the while.

I woke up at 8am. I know, I should have been up at 6am, and Wangui’s very irritating alarm stressed that point quite hard. Neither of us could find it, so we learnt how to ignore it, cover our heads and sleep on.

But it was kinda hard to ignore the young ladies who arrived an hour before they should have and then set out to discuss everything we taught them the day before, sitting under the tree that is right outside the guest house we are sleeping in.

I found the strength to wake up, do my yoga and then discover that the WC in our bathroom had blocked. I promise that that has nothing to do with me, but it is possible that someone else got quite drunk and tried to flush a wine bottle cork. Well, whoever it was did not attempt to flush the wine bottles too. Sense must have struck her harder than the fact that we are staying in a small town with an even smaller community around the centre and there has been talk about our indulgence in a good bottle of wine.

Well, once we found a way around the blocked bathroom, we launched into quite a beautiful day. I did a small activity with my girls to help them write dialogue in their stories. The activity involved some girls imitating adults while the others responded as themselves. I had such a laugh over there.

Then we did an antonym/synonym exercise, and did you know jealousy goes with envy, covetousness, resentment, suspicion, distrust?

I was a bit worried after noting that the kids as young as 8 years of age have already incorporated NGO speak into their writing. I realize that poverty is an issue, but I wory when kids believe that the only reason they should try hard for anything is so that they can get money from donors.

I guess I am not here just to teach these girls how to write creatively but also that they are strong and capable of being the best they can be whether they get donor money or not.

That said, Wangui and I wish to state: Kakamega has so many hot men and women! Hot! Maybe we have gotten to used to Nairobi that we don’t notice that kind of beauty but I am sure it has more to do with the state of mind, the fresh air and the green country. Hot!

And it is raining pretty hard too, right now, and after a few glasses of wine, I will likely write things I should not.

Buenos Noches!

P. S. I will post pictures of the Writing Camp when I get back to Nairobi.


One thought on “Blocked WC’s, Ngo Speak, and HOT!

  1. Hot women? Aha. Unexpected. And you never told me. 😦 Spoilsport, you keep’em all for yourself…

    Have checked you out on Wikimapia. One can see every single house in Kakamega in the satellite imagery.


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