There was a time when I was a teenager and thought I did not have any friends in the world. It was a lonely phase, but I seemed to have grown out of it.

Soon I was 16, and I had a best friend in the whole world. Makes me smile sometimes when I think about being sixteen,  feeling invincible and on top of the world.

That phase passed too, and I moved into the adult world of  decisions, career worries, life choices…

About 18 months ago, I met someone I thought we could be really good friends. This person turned away from me after a while, and I could not really figure out why, at least not then.

Today, I figured out why.

I met someone else not long after that little heartbreak.  JJ offers a frendship that is not suffocating, that is accepting, that builds, that kicks me in the ass when all I want is to lie down and die.

Sometimes, I worry that I don’t offer much in return. So I try much harder. That is true friendship, the kind you can tell when you are not doing enough, the kind that does not allow you to be selfish.

©Juliet Maruru 2009


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