Soul, Pop and Michael Jackson, I’m suffering from celebrity mourning

I don’t watch TV in the morning, but I’ve been glued to this couch all morning, occasionally getting up on my feet and breaking out into the moonwalk. I didn’t even know I can moonwalk.

I would say I love Michael, but I can’t even say I know the guy. I have loved his music ever since I watched my big brother dance in that way that made my grandma frown when she walked in on the cousins dancing in her living room.

I can sing very many of his songs from memory. I can’t say my voice is any good, but I can sing very many of his songs from memory. Most of the time I just mime that very classic MJ whoop.

For a man who had the ability to create completely new trends in music, he also attracted a lot of negative publicity. Being accused then acquited of the crime of child molestation pretty much sent his career into the shadows.

Somehow, I think that if he had made it to the first of the ‘Final curtain call’ concerts he would have been riding high once again.

Sadly, it has taken his death to remind his fans just how truly popular the ‘King of Pop’ was.

Check out the moves above.  Remember…


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