Oldest woman in Kenya dies

Rahab Wangui Ng’ang’a died peacefully in her bedroom at her son’s house at Thakwa in Githunguri on July 11, 2009. Her year of birth, registered on the ID card she received in 1979 indicated that she was born in 1884. Her oldest child was born in 1917, and her youngest in 1936.

Her year of birth was based on information she gave then about her riika (age group) and on the events of her childhood she could speak clearly about. Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president, was born in 1889.

In Kenya, women were first issued with IDs in 1978 when she was 94.


4 thoughts on “Oldest woman in Kenya dies

  1. My grandmother Hannah Wanjiku Kimani was born in 1890 and died on 12/5/2012 when she was 122. May almighty God rest her soul in peace


  2. My Great Grand ma was assumed to have been born in 1884 @ the Village of Linga in Kilungu Makueni County. She Rested in eternal peace on 21st November 2014 while sitted on a wheelchair at his sons home in Kaumoni Makueni.


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