Manuscript Doctor Session at the SHFK

You no doubt understand the frustrations and challenges of getting your work published on print. Storymoja has arranged a session at the SHFK which will help writers which will not only help writers perfect their writing but also help them understand the intricacies of the publishing world.

Saturday 1st August 2009 at 10am – 11:30am MANUSCRIPT DOCTOR SESSION w/ Doreen/Agatha Verdadero/Ali Zaidi/Stephen Partington/ Bibi Bakare, Suhaila Cross/John Mwazemba at the British Council Pavilion at the Storymoja Hay Festival.

Writers! Poets! Playrights! Scribes of all sorts! You all practice the written word, but how do you perfect it? By showing your writing to experts and getting feedback. This is your chance. A team of expert editors of all genres of writing will be on hand to peruse your manuscripts and give you instant editing advice and writing tips. You will find out what works and what doesn’t and how to refine your creative ideas. The team includes publishers and editors of major Kenyan journals, magazines, newspapers, and books. Come with 5 to 10 TYPED pages of your manuscript. Do not miss this chance to improve your art.

Tickets are available from Storymoja as well as all leading book stores ( Booksfirst, Silverbird (formerly NuMetro), Savanis, Book Stop Yaya, Sarit Info Desk). Contact for more details about tickets. For information about the dates, venue and guests of the entire Storymoja Hay Festival 2009 see here…


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