Well, here we are, the beginning of a new week, the end of a month. Sometimes the passage of time hits me hard. Not too long ago I was a high schooler and the only thing that I worried about seriously was the grade on my physics test, and boys.

I remember sitting on the second desk, last row in Form 4 Green, biting my nails a few minutes to the bell that signaled the change of classes that would send us to the Physics lab. I loved and hated Mr. Wambua, the physics teacher who called me ‘mouse’ because I had a pipsquek voice. Mr. Wambua had to be the greatest teacher I ever knew in High School, only ever rivaled by the Maths Teacher Mr. Ochieng, who wrote ‘Very good’ on the one maths equation I got right on a paper that I failed badly on in Form 2, and motivated me to do much better henceforth.

Not long after that, I was late teenager, worrying about careers, training, confused about whether I wanted to go into journalism so I could get started with the writing, or pursue what I really loved, that is work with kids, while following up on a career in writing.

And here I am now… soon I’ll be looking back at this stage in my life, where I feel restrained by illness but have still managed to do what I love, work with kids and write.

I have to make every second count, otherwise I will look back at now with such regret.

P.S. I have just posted a new chapter of Someday.

© Juliet Maruru 2009 She Blossoms


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