Born of a conversation between me, a friend, and the Senior editor at Storymoja, the topic of which also landed on a certain blog affiliated with the above people, I went into a personal scrutiny moment.

I’d tell you it was about my growth as a writer, except it is not. My writing world has been anchored in lessons instilled by my various mentors, most of them experienced writers who have no tolerance for any kind of tardiness manifesting itself in a writer’s work.

My other world runs into problems all the time, though. It seems I do not have the same amount of determination and motivation in RL (real life) as I do with regards to my writing career. Sad.

So last week I closed a chapter that I am beginning to think I should not have closed. Personal note to self : Do not drink and dial. After all it is your errr…fault. Right.

When doors are closed in my career path, I fight, and hold on, and try to sort it out, and show them who matter that I am worth the chance. When doors close in my personal life I watch mouth agape, mind upside down, heart inside out!

Pssshhhh! Scrutiny moment over, conceited moment begins, Someday is now halfway up on the blog. Just go to the right side of the blog and follow links to chapters. Then type out a few comments. Really I need you esteemed help in rewriting the novel.

© 2009


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