Rest, rest, little bird, until we meet again, soon.

It seems to me that November marks the month of the year when I grieve most. Today, I have gone through nearly half the stages of grief, shocked numbness, denial, fear, anger… I am yet to reach acceptance, but as I mourn the loss of a true and dear friend, I am glad for the life and strength that I do have.

And so, I can’t stop the tears, but if I didn’t cry, it would mean I have not lost, and so because I have lost a good man, I must cry for the pain of the empty space he has left.

Still, I cannot forget the reason I loved him so. He made me laugh. And taught me that even when life is an absolute bitch, we can defy her and live life with all our hearts. He taught me to care, from the very bottom of the heart, and to believe in love even when it seemed to elude me.

Even though I feel the sting of death, I know that he is no longer in pain, and better I for the pain that reminds me I am alive, to honor the love, the laughter, and the friendship we shared.

So rest, little bird, for I will see you soon, dear Peanut.




10 thoughts on “Rest, rest, little bird, until we meet again, soon.

  1. I’m really sorry for your loss Juliet. I pray that God gives you strength to go through it. *hugs*


  2. Pole for your loss. Hope you find comfort in the memories you have of him because most of the time that is all we have left.


  3. Hi there is a song that you should listen to i think it will help with the grieving tis a sad song but none the less you will eventually feel better and feel relieved that whom you have lost is not far off but near and close for the departed are always with us.

    The song is called time to say goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

    Somehow i don’t know how to send a song with wordpress but i will get the link and send it to you.



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