Afripot: Africa’s Melting Pot! – Updates

In December 2009, Afripot started publishing articles written by some of Kenya’s best writers. The topics range frompersonal finance, entrepreneurship for young professional and investment information for all ages, medical reports and discussions about various medical and psychiatric issues, family & education and personal growth issues, relationships and fitness issues, governance, policies and parliament reports, sports and the very special MyCity column.
We decided to give you a hint of just a few of the articles you can find on the magazine. We will do this just once a month so if you would like to be included in the mailing list for the updates, please feel free to send in word to
So here we go!
Is homosexuality a mental illness? As debate continues in Kenya about what sort of rights non-heterosexuals should have in a civilized society such as ours is trying to become, those against homosexuality have been proposing interesting ways of managing this ‘condition’. But is homosexuality an illness, that should be ‘managed’? Dr. Lukoye Atwoli, a practicing psychiatrist examines the issues.
Why YOU need a Bednet Children who sleep under ITN’s have half the malaria episodes of those that don’t . Those who sleep under a bednet that is not treated have 34% less clinical episodes than those who don’t sleep under a bednet. Medical researcher Dr. Tabitha Mwangi lays out the facts for you.
Bonds and Bonds Trading The way to ensure that returns are maximized, depending on the investment period, is to stick in with the investment for as long as possible. Peter Chiira giudes you through the maze of investments.
I’m in love with you but… Sarah has been married to her Tom for seven years. He is a great guy…he is a great listener, is romantic and a gentleman, he has never given her a reason to doubt his faithfulness and commitment to the relationship and the sex is absolutely awesome. Hildah Gathanga explains why discussing financial issues should be a part of every couples preparation for marriage.
You can read this and more articles at the Afripot Magazine.

Also visit the Afripot Forums to see, join and add your own discussions about life, finances, art, politics and tech issues.
Here’s to a great and successful 2010!

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