Creekside Princess – The Story

I, Juliet Maruru, grew up in a creekside village. Some of this might be my story. But it is also every girl’s story. It could be your story. The changes, the decisions, the love, the joy, the pain, the sorrow, the beautiful sometimes sad story of a girl’s journey to womanhood.
I was hardly a princess growing up. But there is a princess in every girl alive on the face of this earth. She might not be treated like one, but sometimes she finds her royalty, and it shines so bright that the people who love and respect her, can only see a Queen when they look at her.
I will tell it as my story, perhaps because I hope to find and cherish my own regal right. To be, to love, to be loved, to fight, to survive, to succeed, to be! Now, you very likely just want me to get started with the story already, so here…
I stood on the sandy beach, barely noticing the rising tide, so lost in thought I could have been hit by a wave of salty water and not noticed it. This was the first time I had felt this kind of pain.
Sure, I had felt pain before. I had felt anger, even rage, and the accompanying tears of loss and betrayal, but not pain like this. Here in this quagmire of pain, I was lost, all alone, the friends who had stood by me, and still dared to, could not quite fill the void in my life. It was a chasm, like a blackhole that pulled in everything else that was worth living for, and destroying it, leaving me floating all alone in space.
You can also access the story by going to the page bar, click on Creekside Princess and read on.
You probably will want to help me tell this story. If you do, send your suggestions about the issues you want me to address as I tell this story.


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