My Take on Love

So Valentine’s Day is coming up fast. And I am getting all these application requests on Facebook that I reject immediately. People around me talk about Love and Valentine’s Day Gifts. Both men and women are worried about what to get their love(s). A few are declaring their undying hate for both Cupid’s arrow and the day of love. Honestly, I don’t give a fig about it all.

It doesn’t matter either way. That’s not because I do not love. It is not because I have no one to love me, either. I won’t even try to explain my take on the Valentine Day origins and the hullabaloo of commercialized love. I will just reiterate on what I said last year when someone asked me if I believed in love.

I would rather have a thousand days of simple meals, hugs, kisses, respect, and trust over one day of a pretty card, expensive gifts and a fancy meal. So I’ll just tell you about my idea of love.

Love is the mother who does not agree with me 100% of the time, but who understands that I have a path to follow, and choices to make for myself, and does not impose her choices on me, even though she gave birth to me, and raised me, on her own mostly.

Love is the friend who will tell me straight out that I am wrong when I am wrong, but will stand by me to the ends of the earth if anyone else tries to attack me.

Love is the friend who calls me from a thousand miles away to see how I am even though he himself has been through a ghoulish day.

Love is Daddy, when he buys lunch for the kids at the centre, because he knows this weekend I am broke and sick, and won’t be at the centre, and it is killing me.

Love is Grandpa John, looking after Grandma Peris during the days when she was really sick, even though he himself was quite old at the time, love is the memories he cherishes of her now, when she is gone.

Love is the grandchild, the great grandchild who spares the time to share that great big kettle of milky tea and listen to him talk about 1945 and 1973 all at the same time, as if they were one year. Because that’s all he want now, someone to talk to.

Love, love is the kitty who waits for me at the wall of the gate every single night until I get home, and then greets me as if I am the best thing that happened to her all day.

Sometimes, love is the flutter of hope in my tummy every time I think there might be something more about that man, but love proves itself best under time, and fire, with roses and diamonds, or with cactus and sand, with the jade blue glow of the beautiful ocean, or against the dry heat and sun of a drought thrashed land.

Love is… infatuation, sex, passion, desire, sometimes it is. But love is… truth not perfection, integrity not honesty, loyalty not faithfulness, justice not fairness, trust not belief, patience not endurance. Love is a superlative, if you think you are doing enough, you need to do much more.

Love is a way of life, every day, every week, every month, every year, not just a day of love once a year. You might chose one day to celebrate it, that is your choice to make. My choice, is to be outrageously loving to the people who matter to me every single day.

As you decide whether or not to go all out and buy personalized gift items for Sunday 14th February 2010, it might be a good idea to think for a moment what love means to you.

© Juliet Maruru 2010


8 thoughts on “My Take on Love

  1. Love, love, love! Very intriguing. Don’t I just love how mysterious it is! If you ask, love is among the few intoxicants that God has allowed and constantly promotes. When true and at it’s most intense, covert or overt instances, love totally excludes reason and yet does not deceive. I find it amazing that in exlcusion of the human ability to reason, common sense is still be found and retained in the realm of love. It’s a puzzle only “explainable” by the one who introduced it into the nature of humans. This is a layman’s view all the same.

    Nice post, She Blossoms, and sorry for my ‘blog within a blog’


  2. Hey Juliet, this is so true. I believe in valentines’s but i believe that it should be each and every day. telling the one u love how much they mean to u. one day in a year cannot make up all the hurt, pain and disappointments of the whole year. it is not the day to apologise for neglecting her or him the whole year. every day we should celebrate that we love and are loved. we pray that somewhere out there, there is a man or woman who loves us for real and doesnt mind showing it all year round not on just one day.


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