Episode 6 : Shattered Glass

Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger!

Once upon a time, a girl wrote a poem in her defence. Something that Gabrielle might have written at some point.

Gold digger

Well, now that I am registered officially,

into the ranks of those who search and dig,

for gold, and paper that’s done and serialized,

or plastic that buys the pleasures on high,

I might as well sit down and think hard,

about all that I will buy with gold and paper,

serialized and plastic that shines.

First a bouquet for mama to say ‘thank you’.

and wish her sunshine and rainbows too,

and not sun to scorch her chocolate skin,

but rainbows to herald goodwill and peace.

Then I might try to buy a voice, as loud as,

can be to join all the others that sound,

and call for what a child needs to grow and sing,

the time to play, learn and be loved, more time.

Most of all, I’ll ask not to buy this one, it is priceless,

true friends to love now, forever and always, eternally

not perfect because I am far from the best,

but whose love, like mine, does not need justification.

So you see, what I want needs just a penny to buy,

and what I need wants no money to purchase,

so why the hassle to wear a veil and deceit,

to go down the vents, with spade and pans.

And now I will pay the price it will take

to be unregistered officially from the ranks,

of those who dig and search, for gold and paper,

maybe plastic that shines and buys,

and if you want and care, here I offer,

my friendship with no charge, no price tag.


So what has been going on at The Princess Project(K). In the Reading Room, we have The Devil that Danced on the Water by Aminatta Forna and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.  We also have The Manicurist by Christine Yienya and Thirteen by Linda Musita.

And before you ask, we will let you go and and read the finale of our Creekside Princess’ Life on on North Beach. No, the story is not over. Because the journey for our Princess has not even begun!
6. Shattered Glass

“I’m so sorry Gaby,” he whispered. “You have to understand-it was just a moment of temptation. I love you baby, you know I do.”

My chin trembled, then my lower lip. My nose felt hot. It was as if those three words set off a physical chain reaction.

Oh no, oh no, I knew it. I was going to dissolve into a shaking, sobbing and snotty bundle of tears. Cooper knew the signs. He stepped forward and made as if to hug me. In a nano-second, he was howling in pain. Surprise surprise, I had punched his face and his left eye was watering and swelling. Read the rest here…

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