Waiting on the World to Change?

Sometimes I find myself in a pause, like I did this weekend. No laptop, no creativity whatsoever, no guests, no company at all, no inclination to watch TV, or a movie, in limbo. And there in that pause it happens, one moment of clarity, standing out from the rest of time, clear and crisp, etched forever in my mind.

I am human, a woman, just one of me. I am mortal, imperfect, hardly invincible. I cannot change the world by myself. But I can’t sit around and wait for it to change. So here, now, while I have the strength, breath, chance to stand up for what is right; here, now, I stand.

I know yet another group of people who stand, over at The Princess Project(K). You might find, as I did, a very moving epistle to a young lady in the making. Share the message. To K., with Love.


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