I write this post, at the risk of receiving a disgusted look from a certain soul who is convinced that Twitter is for Twits(Duh.). In the recent week’s Makmende viral mania that is shooting Just a Band way off the charts, I thought to stand up for Twitter. And Facebook.

Apart from instant news, exaggerated gossip, and sometimes useful information, Twitter and Facebook have become quite the space for inspiration. At least for me.

There are times when I am completely dry of inspiration, and yet I am expected to churn out at least 10 different pieces of writing every week to earn my bread. Oh, I love bread, just the smell of the bakery round the corner is enough to drive me insane. I have been known to plant myself in Uncle S’s kitchen with no intention of ever leaving when he is baking his Italian bread.

Back to twitter, and facebook. Some conversations that spin in twitterville are not only curious, and humorous, but can spark long forgotten memories, that in turn, spark off inspiration for writing.

For example:

@ceekayvilla#inschool I once had to steal a new pair of underwear coz i had left all of mine at home.

It sparked off memories of my first year in boarding school, everything from the squabbles, the cold at morning preps, and my first gang, The hurricanes. No tattoos, sorry. I wonder how those girls are. I’ll try and find them, and maybe write about our crazy troubles, and adventures.

And then there was this:

@switcheeks :#Tspot actually the place where i always end up breaking up with my better half..hehehe

Tspot is one of my favourite haunts in Nairobi.  An online article describes: On the usually bustling Koinange Street in Nairobi, Chai House towers like a solid testimony of the power of the tea industry. On the ground floor is a splendid tea cafe, The T-Spot, that has marked the battle lines in the race of the tea cup.

Apart from the charm, the decent (sort-of) teas, and Tangawizi Blackforest that I have been known to crave and force certain people on a scramble search, Tspot also evokes memories of good times, and bad ones. Like @switcheeks, I have had a relationship end over green tea. But that is a story for another piece. I have to plan for next week, right?

Now over to Facebook. I posted this speculative status message on my wall last night:

What if everything you know about your life is just a psychotic break? That girl you love, that new song you heard, the cool outfit you just bought, that new contract you landed for you book/music/film, what if you are locked up at Mathare and dreaming all this?

It spawned off a flurry of commenting that ended with a so-so philosophical quote:

“J. G. FICHTE begründet einen subjektiven oder »ethischen« Idealismus, dem zufolge die Außenwelt nur ein im und durch das Ich Gesetztes, ein Produkt geistiger Tätigkeit ist.” ( to the effect of J. G. Fitche’s theory that the outside world is a product of mental activity yada yada.)

I mentioned this conversation to a friend of mine who has experienced several psychotic episodes, and she showed me something she had written about her delusions when she was in break. She suggested I create a story out of it. I’m thinking about it but I can see the ideas dancing like fireflies in my head J

Twitter might be for Twits, but it is also fun, silly at times, resourceful, useful, positive adjectives…  It is also for business minds, like the one behind the Makmende viral rush. So is Facebook. But like anything else, the secret is in how you use it.

© Juliet Maruru 2010


2 thoughts on “Twitterama

  1. I agree with you about Twitter. I’m not really a fan of facebook. Like all resources, it depends on how one makes use of it. It could work for or against you.


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