KTN Feature on Reading in Kenya


4 thoughts on “KTN Feature on Reading in Kenya

  1. So far so good but…wait! The reading situation in Kenya is in its literacy, I mean, literal dearth. Notice even the most read in Kenya cant fill out a simple form unless shown how! A quick peek at commercial banks reveals this!


  2. true that and its saddening, blame on the people who don’t want to read yet have the time to watch endless series and soap operas!!


  3. I am not very sure whom we are talking about here. I love to read, and nearly all my friends love to read, that’s about a dozen of them. But to be honest, ‘Kenyan’ material lacks in excellence, contemporary settings and very commonly, Kenyan writers want to teach, or preach, which detracts a lot from the inculcating of enjoyable reading from an early age.Which is why folks like mine who would like their kids to love to read, are forced to use books from other cultures to inculcate that love.

    There is a bit of a contradiction! We have failed to teach kids to love reading, and when they are grown up, they only look for books that help them pass exams, or claim to be able to help them maintain relationships and build careers. Unfortunately, again, most publishers are keenly aware that only academic and preachy pseudo-psychological books sell well(government support and adult interest), so they tend to publish books that fill these needs.

    Kenyans read, they just don’t enjoy reading.


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