Good Times

Some weeks are better than others, some days much worse than others.  Most of last week, through yesterday, and some of today was definitely a ‘no feel good’ day.

I got really mad last week. So mad I had issues controlling my rage. In fact, I ranted through half the night, most of which rant was to myself because everyone else in the house, cats included got tired of following my furious pacing and fell asleep. Well, to be fair, Tom Kat never left me alone. He paced on my heels, and when he couldn’t run after my feet anymore, he sat on my bed with adoring eyes trained on me. I eventually tired too, and joined him in bed. He forgave me for my insanity, and for kicking him out of bed at 3:57am.

Why was I mad? Well, I am usually a very good judge of character. Mostly. I also tend to think that everyone else’s problems are mine. That is the diagnosis my mother gave me. I guess it shocked me when I realised that that character trait can be abused especially when my judgement of character falls short of correct. Anyway, after all my raging, I realised that I was more at fault than anyone else. In the end, it is up to one to protect themselves from abuse and hurt.

When I was done raging, I figured I’d go get some beauty care. Cornrows, manicure, pedicure… and then I got sick. Let’s just say, I am the prettiest woman who is blurry-eyed, dizzy, coughing, retching, running a fever, and very irritable on this side of the river. I am pretty. Just checked the mirror to confirm. And Tom Kat agrees.

Oh, and mum bought me 3 dresses. You know how I am fashion-challenged and dress allergic? Well, I actually like the dresses my mum brought home. I am thinking she figured that she would be the one who would be embarrassed when I showed up in rag jeans and a baggy shirt.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, I am looking forward it. Actually, I am exited. Very. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back on Monday. Trust me, I won’t even remember these ‘no feel good’ days then.

Buenos momentos con buenos amigos y amigas en los próximos días!

© Juliet Maruru 2010


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