2nd Republic and ¿Que Paso?

The last few weeks have been really weird. I have been seriously depressed, much of it the side-effects of my medication for SLE. But a nice doctor from the UK, who has more experience than my doctor gave me advice, and thankfully my doctor did not feel slighted, but put into place the suggestions the other doctor gave. I woke up today feeling much better than I have in a while.

As you may know, Storymoja is deep in the SHFK season, so I am busier than normal. Which would explain most of my distracted uh-huhs when you talk to me, and my pointed evasion of your pop up chat intrusions. Only two other people I know who have been as depressed and busy at the same time as me. Holler if you are in the wagon. I’ll introduce you the rest and we can form a support group, coup jacques all around, and long sighs.

Coupe Jacque - Food for the depressed! Well, maybe not... but it helps me.

Anyway, in other news, the guys over at the PPK seem to be stuck at the storyboard. The thing about writing as a team, is that it is great, fun, easy; and frustrating (when writers disagree in style or plot line), not so fun when the guys are exhausted from their day jobs, and lives, so short tempered, and not easy because when you put together all the above, plus the promise to and expectation of the fans, you get major writers’ block. The Storyboard turns into a TV screen with bored doodles, and if it is left to me, pictures of sexy mean machines and monster bikes, and intermissions of anime and animation.

My mind in neutral looks a lot like this...

Thankfully, it is not all up to me. The guys are now high on coffee, carbonated drinks high in octane, and I am pretty certain something that smells a lot like grass. Man Gidi over in Puntland has some Khaat to go around too. And so you can expect your double instalment of The Creekside Webisodes before the weekend. Dang, I think I should be saying this over at the PPK house, but what the… you go over and check. Catch up with the episodes, comment and send us your ideas.

This is not Mugabe's house. It is our House. Click on image to see proof.

Anyway, it is a new week in the 2nd Republic of Kenya. I hope you reach all your goals, catch all your dreams, and make many more for the week to come. Here’s me signing off until I can get more undepressing issues to write about.

Ciao amigos, amigas!

© Juliet Maruru 2010 www.jmaruru.wordpress.com


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