Monday No-blues

It is rare. I am usually in my foulest mood on Monday, and on Thursday. I went to bed at about 3 a.m hoping to avoid the day light hours of Monday. But I was up with the sun. The migraine that bugged me through the weekend is finally gone. I’ve got ideas buzzing through my head, and I caught up with at least 3/4 of my deadlines.

The Golden Boy dropped in after a long while. And we had a really good time. The kind that makes me smile when he is a thousand miles away. He said, “You know you like the way it is. You have all the time to be you, so when I am here you don’t forget that you are still you, and you can let yourself be happy with someone who isn’t you.”

Sin distracciones a tiempo completo diversión 🙂 😦 🙂 Oh and if you want to know about the story behind the name, click on this image.

I am not sure that it makes sense. But I guess it is right, for now.

And I am silly again over the Sauti Sol guy’s voice, the one who sings with the deepest voice in Blue Uniform.

umezoea kuchelewa siku mingi
naona watuzoea
kuanzia leo mi nakuonya, ujichunge
ama nitakuweka ndani
hujakataa kosa ulilofanya eh
onyo kwako ewe raia wee

I know there’s still things that are not working right. But I guess this is my determination not to let it get me down. So don’t even bother. I’ll be me over here, the best I can be. And you can be you over there, whatever you want to be.


2 thoughts on “Monday No-blues

  1. Am curious, what did you tell Golden Boy after he said that? Chuckles…flushed? I just finished reading Plath’s ‘the bell jar’, and the girl in it reminds me of how you write…in a way that made me love life.


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