No Envy, No Fear

Some are reaching, few are there
Want to reign from a hero’s chair
Some are scared to fly so high
Well this is how we have to try

Have no envy and no fear
Have no envy and no fear

Brother brother we all see
Your hiding out so painfully
See yourself come out to play
A lover’s rain will wash away

Your envy and your fear
So have no envy and no fear

When your sister turns to leave
Only when she’s most in need
Take away the cause of pain
By showing her we’re all the same

Have no envy and no fear
Have no envy and no fear

Every day we try to find
Search our hearts and our minds
The place we used to call our home
Can’t be found when we’re alone

So have no envy and no fear
Have no envy and no fear

Joshua Radin is an American folk recording artist, songwriter and occasional actor born and raised in Shaker Heights,Ohio, and is of Swedish, German, Polish, Russian and Austrian descent.[1] Radin was raised on the sounds of 1960s MotownStax and Beatles records, as well as singer-songwriters of the early ’70s such as Paul SimonCat Stevens and James Taylor. He studied drawing and painting atNorthwestern University, following his college years with stints as an art teacher, screenwriter, and art gallery employee. He turned to music when he moved to New York City, bought a guitar, and taught himself to play and write music.[2] On a “Meet & Greet” after his concert inCologne, Germany on October 11, 2009, Radin stated that his biggest musical inspiration is Bob Dylan.

In 2004, Radin’s friend Cary Brothers gave a demo featuring Radin’s first composition, “Winter”, to American actor Zach Braff, who promptly used it to score a scene in the hit television series Scrubs.[3][4] Others found Radin’s music just as evocative and soon various Radin songs were heard on TV shows such as Grey’s AnatomyBrothers and SistersAmerican IdolOne Tree Hill, and So You Think You Can Dance, as well as movies including The Nanny DiariesThe Last Kiss, and Catch and Release. In 2004 he appeared in the film Garden State as acameo appearance.

Radin’s debut album, 2006’s We Were Here drew critical acclaim and passionate listener response. His favorite song is “You Got Growin’ Up To Do”. Radin has had a number of well known musicians on his studio recordings, including Ryan Adams who played guitar on the song “Lovely Tonight”.

Radin has achieved success in the UK and Europe where he has been promoting his top 10 record “Simple Times” and his single “I’d Rather Be With You” which reached #2 on the charts. He recently concluded a sold-out tour and will return to the UK in mid 2010 to play at several festivals, from Glastonbury, to Hard Rock Calling, to Oxegen. After the success of his first single, Radin released the 2nd single off the UK release of Simple Times, “Brand New Day.” There is a video to accompany the song that can be viewed on his websites.

In the US, Radin released a new EP, “Songs Under A Streetlight”, with the new US single, “Streetlight”. The EP, out exclusively on iTunes, debuted at #1 on the Alternative Chart, and #5 on the overall iTunes chart.


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