Stigma: Webisode 11 Creekside Princess

Last week’s episode ‘Stigma’ seems to herald coming change for the Creekside Princess. As Gaby continues on her journey in the big city, how will peer suicide, her own bad decisions, unjust actions of her superiors and traumatizing events affect her ability to develop into the beautiful butterfly we all hope to see? What will she do now?



She thought about Christine and the tragic way she had ended her life.  Gaby was not a stranger to HIV,  and the resulting AIDS, too.  Back at Creekside she had met many people who were infected or affected by HIV.


Her best friend Kalume’s mum had died of AIDS.  And it was not much of a secret that lots of the young and some not so young people in the ‘lifestyle; were infected with the virus at the coast.  Clubbing, drugs and tourists towns were portent cocktails that attracted HIV infection.


Rashid had once told her about the vampire club. The in-club people pronounced it Vam-Pi-Re. The name was born from the fact that guys in the club had a blood fetish, and needed to drink blood, usually laced with drugs. Guys would inject themselves with portent concoctions of coke and meth, then draw a pint or two of it to sell to other Vampires. Apparently this blood/coke/meth concoction had a special kind of high…

Go read it now!

Our very own Dayan Masinde goes from the resident artist to the interviewee, as we listen to his take on music, and his album in ‘Dayan Masinde’s Hidden Agenda.’

A review of the Storymoja Hay Festival is one to look out for as we trace Gitura Kihuria’s experience making the rounds at the Railway Club grounds, in search of:  poetry, storytelling, arts and crafts.

This past Saturday, Linda Musita attended the aNDEKENYA Life-skills coaching conference, at the Kenya Institute of Education. Don’t despair if you missed it, Linda is going to tell us all about it and there is more training in November, where you can figure out what you really want and how you can get there.

The upcoming workshop on optimizing social media, organized by Socialight Media Kenya, is something to look forward to. Tickets are limited, so book now!

Three poets showcase their talents in: ‘Truth in time’, ‘The Potrait’, and ‘ A man in Love – The Dilema’.  Vote for or against Kagwi, Kimaru and Ochieng as we dissect poems about foreign behaviors, breasts, and love respectively.

Don’t forget to check-out how best to bring out that Royal in you with the Royal contributors in: Legal, business, writing and beauty advice. Look out for ‘how to stretch the truth’, a guide to making the most of those pesky stretch marks by Imani Opar.

Have a grand week!


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