A Resolution to Change

So you have finished high school, signed every autograph book of your friends and are excited about the thought of not having to cram the periodic table or be subjected to a monotonous diet of beans and maize. Yippee! Good for you!


A few moths later, your parents are cranking you up with their many house rules and your siblings are all over your nerves. Suddenly, the thought of school is very appealing!


You immediately do a search of universities and place in your applications. You faithfully check the mailbox and routinely smile at the post man … the bearer of your good news.


Fortunate for you, an overseas university gives you an opportunity and hurriedly, you pack up and leave for your new destination.


You land into a foreign country, excited and chanting the Sarafina Freedom song, only this time, you are singing … Freedom has Come Today!


Then just like that…WHAM! Reality hits you … it’s a dog’s world out here. Only the wittiest can survive.


Suddenly, you are keen on budgeting, you experience culture shock, adapting to new weather is no option, you appreciate your people back at home, you swallow your pride to do the humblest of jobs, you have to juggle work and studies, you occasionally miss home and realise your mum’s cooking is the best (even if you hated it before!).


Time goes by and soon you get the hang of things, with less embarrassing moments.


Then that day comes … the day you have to return home. At first, you are excited and then you are frightened. You wait in anticipation, crossing your fingers, saying a prayer and hope that things turn out just fine.


Well, that’s me.


Now back to our dear Princess Gaby. In this week’s episode, she decides to make a resolution, or does she? Campus life is not bread and butter after all. Nairobi can keep her no more:


Gaby grabbed her tiny bag and started to walk toward the 12pm bus that had just been announced. She had managed to squeeze in a few tops, a skirt and a pair of trousers. She was not sure how long she was going to be away visiting her family and had tried as much as possible to travel light.

She tried to picture her mother’s face when she saw her unexpectedly, in the middle of the week when she was supposed to be in class attending lectures. Gaby had tried but could no longer hold on. Her head was craving for a break, her body longed for a getaway to a place far away from Nairobi. Her heart longed to pour itself out to someone. Everything had been moving too fast and her body system had had enough… Read the rest here.


Also, be sure to check out Life Bloom Services International. Read about how one woman, Catherine Wanjohi, has taken it upon herself to improve the lives of other women and help them Lead Blooming Lives

Finally, Lybelious Punk winds up our week by sending us off to Boot Camp. Nope! Not to subject as to military training! Although she wishes. But to take us through the journey of learning and loving poetry. Read the continuing series of An Epistle to a Friend Concerning Poetry by Rev Samuel Wesley. This week’s edition features Style, Reading, Subject and a Judge. So sit, back, kick off your boots and follow us through this adventurous journey of discovery.

Have yourself a fab week!


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