Ducati Diavel Reveal

Ducati just revealed its latest models for 2011 at the EICMA Conference; needless to say, they fired the public’s imagination and drew the public to the stand in droves.

Special on the reveal were the long-awaited Diavel, the Monster 1100EVO, which perfects the original formula that made it an undisputed naked icon, and the 1198 SP, high performing Sport Production track-ready bike.

Now, I have a thing for villains, so if you tell me about a Monster Bike named Diavel, well… The name “Diavel” was inspired by the Bolognese dialect word for “devil”.

The Ducati guys say:

‘One day, early in the development process of the bike, the first prototype was assembled and wheeled out in front of a group of Ducati engineers and technicians who were viewing the complete motorcycle for the first time. One person looking from the rear of the bike saw its silhouette and exclaimed in Bolognese dialect: “Ignurànt comm’ al Diavel!” Which means: “Evil, just like the devil!”

Reminiscent of how the “Monster” was named almost 20 years ago, the Diavel now follows the same Bolognese tradition, shaping the future of motorcycling while staying faithful to its heritage.’

With the front wheel kept close to the Diavel’s body and using the short tail of a sport bike, the designers have met the challenge of building a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred competition motor with determination and a delicate touch. The result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks.




That low seating position makes it possible for the rider to get both feet on the ground for a sure-footed and confident stance. And if you are like me, mostly a passenger, you will appreciate the way the slender passenger footpegs ingeniously folds down from the rear sub-frame as well as the innovative, T-bar shaped grab-rail assembly, which slides out from the rear of the seat. No clumsy moments.
The Diavel has two clear vertical strips of LED lighting to provide tail and brake light illumination as well as directional indicators. The strips follow the line of the under-seat panelling, providing great visibility of the rear-end while keeping the external lines of the bike clean. The front directional indicators are clear lens LED strips mounted vertically down the leading edge of the lateral radiator covers.

The Diavel has a 17l fuel tank with wide, long lines sweep down from the headlamp assembly into the seat and rear sub-frame to create a seamless profile. On each side of the front of the tank are massive air intakes formed in aluminium to feed the engine’s large airbox.

Wide, tapered section aluminium bars with new custom designed, integral brake and clutch master-cylinders by Brembo complete with milled reservoir tops, provide a clean and minimalist set-up, while stylish, forged-aluminium supported mirrors deliver a generous view to the rear.
Switchgear control is taken care of by Ducati’s latest and most minimalist design with slim-line bodies housing easy-to-use switches and buttons and a unique
weapons-like “trigger catch” that slides down to cover the starter button when activating the kill-switch. While the indicator cancel button doubles as a scroll-and-select for fast and easy Riding Mode changes, switches above and below serve to navigate the new high-resolution display control panel.

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