El mundo tiene mucho más luz que oscuridad

My mum can google translate. She can do email, and maybe type up a few things on the computer. But she generally looks at tech gadgets with suspicion. She was however very highly motivated to find a way to translate something she usually says to me about this time of the year. She wanted to say it in Spanish.

I have had a really bad case of, I’ll call it like daddy calls it, ‘hispanophilia’, this year. I am listening to Spanish music, reading up on Spanish culture, film, art, literature. So I guess my mum figured she’d say it in spanish, because the English, Swahili and Kikuyu was obviously not getting through to me.

El mundo tiene mucho más luz que oscuridad. In case you are wondering what it means: The world has so much more light than darkness.

My brother died this month 9 years ago. And although I do have the hope of seeing him again, it gets really hard to take sometimes. I am usually very sensitive to stuff this month, I am told by the Golden Boy.

Today, I was mad because my friend confided in me that her mother almost killed her when she was a year old. The mother might have had post-partum depression, but it’s kinda hard to understand a mother who throws her kid in the fire because she just can’t cope.

It’s just as hard to understand a grown man who rapes and threatens an 8 year old kid. Even more so when said person is a religious leader who advocates peace, love and unity.

The GB called me, I think my mum might have tipped him off about my mental rampage. He reminded me that I survived. And so did my friend. We are both grown women, now. My friend finds it hard to love herself, and those around her. So I have to remind myself that it’s up to me to love myself enough to be a good example for her.

So my mum google translated the November Phrase, and wrote it down on a note and posted it on my laptop. El mundo tiene mucho más luz que oscuridad. She is right.

When you try hard enough to see it, you can see the burbujas de amor, the arco iris de la bondad; colores de la humanidad.

The harder you try to see them, the easier it becomes for you to actually care enough to make the world, your corner of the world, a safer, better place for the children.


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