Kendi and I – For International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

I read the Bible on Saturday. The four gospels in the New Testament.

“Why?” You ask. Well, on Friday night while waiting out for clients with the girls, one of us, Kendi,  said that prostitutes were a permanent fixture in society. Even Jesus loved them and kept them close.

‘No kidding!’ … Read the rest of my story here. But before you go:

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers is observed annually on 17 December by Sex workers, their advocates, friends, families and allies.

This event was created to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe.

During the week of December 17th, sex worker rights organizations will be staging actions and vigils to raise awareness about violence that is commonly committed against sex workers. The assault, battery, rape and murder of sex workers must end. Existing laws prevent sex workers from reporting violence. The stigma and discrimination that is perpetuated by the prohibitionist laws has made violence against them acceptable.

Here in Nairobi, this Friday, 17th December, 2010, this event will be marked in Kenya for the first time and will include a silent street procession(Koinange Street), information about sex worker rights issues, testimonies by sex workers who have experienced violence, short film screenings, a riveting spoken word performance by Wanjiku, music, poetry, theatre and dance by sex worker groups and children of sex workers and a candle light vigil to remember sisters and brothers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Speakers will include Peninah Mwangi,Willy Mutunga, Dorothy Ogutu from the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance, Zawadi Nyong’o, Esther Passaris, and many more.

The silent public procession will start at Koinange Street, and ending at the Sarakasi Dome, in Ngara, where the rest of the programme will be held.

You can also read a collection of short stories about sex workers and their experiences here.


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