The PPK is back with Season 3 of the Creekside Princess

While everyone was on holiday, the Princess Project Team was busy planning out the schedule for 2011, plotting out season 3 of the Creekside Princess, editing, reviewing and re-editing the first episodes in the series, interviewing new writers, and all the mad cycling that happens in the back rooms of any organisation. And here we are, introducing

Creekside Princess: Third Chances

I sat on the bus on my way from Mombasa, and for half a second there was an acute sense of clarity.

3rd January 2011. It’s time for me to take charge of my life. I will be 23 years old this year, and the time for helpless circling around even more helplessness was over.

And then the clarity was gone. So many things going on in my mind, that I did not even know where to start.

I walked into the flat I share with Kim just as the sun was setting a red dusk over the long endless line of traffic jam on Thika Road. Ah, yes, the year had begun. And maybe my third chance as well.

So I am just going to make a start, figure it out as I go along…

Have a look at the first part of the first webisode titled The Nightbirds:

Gabrielle – green in the nose, blue in the shins, lost on a limb.

Samantha – unapologetically sexy, undeniably smart, a little mysterious.

Two women who by a stroke of chance share one universe. Who will teach the other?

In Nightbirds,Gabrielle is introduced by Samantha into a women’s support and exchange group loosely called “The Nightbirds”, which comprises sex workers and vanillas, straight and queer. Together walk into a room that might forever change the way Gabrielle looks at life and relationships.

Join them in the next three parts of Nightbirds and see if your mind might be turned upside down as well.

To access the three parts just go to the Princess Project (K) hover over the Creekside Princess 3 Tab, drop onto The Nightbirds Tab and hover, slide to the nested categories that appear and chose the part you would like to read. Or click on the title links below. Enjoy!

The Night Birds – Part One




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