Shaking the Tree

That title has nothing to do with the Peter Gabriel song, or the version of that song with Youssou Ndour. Actually the title does not have anything to do with what I want to gab about. But just in case you are in a Shakin’ the Tree mood, the video is below.

If after doing all that you still want to listen to me, well;

2011 is treating me good so far. Actually, it’s treating me better than I expected. I still have to do my physiotherapy every day, it hurts like nothing else, but I’m beginning to like the exhilarating high afterwards. Well, to be honest I probably like the physiotherapist a lot too. Those teeth! And… wait, cannot have that conversation here. Not since my uncle became my fan, and my mom my online stalker.

Most of the other guys who end up in the therapy section with me at 6am every morning are all older men and women, who have had strokes or stuff like that. And si we already know I have a thing for picking up older people. I’ve got like 10 new buddies. They love having someone young around, so much they are making me feel like I am just going to hang out.

I had a ball today. This old Cũcũ came in today with an mp3 player her grandson had brought for her when he visited from Canada during the hols. She wanted me to reset it for her. So I expected that there’d be those old sagely gospel songs from rock of ages. Instead there’s Matonya, Papa Wemba, John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Neyo, Peter Gabriel, Randy Travis and Bruno Mars. What?! I was so copying her music into my phone. And no it was not her grandkids left over music. The old lady was so saying: ‘naninananana yeah yeah yeah’.

Kinda takes away all my excuses for living half my life. I’ve been doing better I think. daring to go out more and rediscover my world.

I know set backs will come by, scary phases, as a matter of fact, I am expecting one next week, one of those scheduled better not run coz you can’t hide scary phases. But I’ll face it with all I’ve got. And then I’ll go on and dance in the rain, or on the grass under the yellow sun with a white little parasol and lots of sunscreen.

Speaking of which, if you want to see some of the pics from last week’s walk with the Nightbirds in Karagita and The Princess Project (K) guys, go here.

Until next time: La vida es un regalo, así que voy a vivir.



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