Men, like my Dad – A Creekside Princess Note

Written by Njeri Athena

This post is for appreciating the men in my life. Real men. Men who stood by me when I needed them the most. Men like my father who, no matter how much we let them down, are still proud of their children. Men who laughed off our mistakes and made us feel better. Men who don’t take life too seriously. Men who love their families, who are there for their children – men who are dads, not just fathers.

Men who make really good friends. Men who know when to keep off because you are having a bad case of PMS. Men who kill spiders for us J. Men full of chivalry, who open doors and pull seats for us. Men who take us out and pick tabs, who tell us we look pretty even when we know they’re just being nice. Men who are quick to defend us. Proud men, men who love and are not afraid to show that they do.

Men who appreciate what women do for them.  Men who are not quick to blame women for their shortcomings, men who appreciate that women too have a role to play in the world. Men who are not skewed, who don’t beat up their women at the slightest excuse. Men who don’t make women feel any less human.

Strong men, men who help us dig ourselves out of the holes we’ve dug ourselves in to. Men who are our backbones. Men who make us feel secure. Men who help us find ourselves. Men who give all other men a good name.

This post is for reminding the men in my life that you are loved, that I am forever grateful, that I too, in all my shortcomings, will be there for you whenever you need me.

And now, our weekly E-Zine:

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Have yourselves a fun week!


One thought on “Men, like my Dad – A Creekside Princess Note

  1. i aboslutely love this! something i would print and put up on my dads cupboard! as a daily reminder to him about how much his valued!!


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