The One

Her mind was not on the big glob of moisture that warned her a Nairobi flash flood was just about to happen, and that the jav fares were going to go up 200%. It wasn’t on the mass of humanity racing towards the railways bus stop. And it was not on the shoe on her foot that was beginning to bite at her little toe either.

Anne’s mind was on her soul mate.

A year ago today, if you’d asked her if there was anyone suitable enough for her in the world, she would have laughed. That’s the reason she’d give at all those family events where older female relatives demanded to know why she was not settled down yet. ‘I don’t want to just get married, I want to get married to the right person.’

And then she met ‘the one’. ‘The one’ was sweet, and kind, and honest, forceful and determined when appropriate, gentle when the occasion demanded it.

She thought about ‘the one’ at the oddest times. Like now.

She had all the classic symptoms, anxiety, nervousness, anticipation…

Tomorrow was the big day. She had to get to Lilian’s house before 7pm. It was going to be a long night. And a longer day tomorrow. Lilian was going to get married to the one man her parents had finally approved of. Anne was going to be there all the way, the maid of honor.

It was going to be a simple wedding, nothing fancy. Lilian had gone against the grain, away from the bridezilla demands for a big massive wedding that would remain on the tongues and minds of people for at least 36 months.  She just wanted something simple, for her family and closest friends, to witness her union in holy matrimony to Mark Wayne Wanyonyi.

And Anne would be there, right by the bride’s side, watching her soul mate enter into that holy matrimony.


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