The Jump

I usually avoid this kind of thing, but I got asked: “What are you afraid of?” Now you know me, I would do anything, even go bungee jumping just to prove I am afraid of nothing and no one. This thing generally gets me in more trouble than I could ever handle in five lifetimes.

Anyway, there is the 5 links thing going on. You post links to five (5) of your past posts in a certain order. So here is me jumping. Hope the chord holds.

  • My Most Popular Post:

But You Don’t Look Sick: I was finally fed up with people saying this to me. The only thing that pisses me off more is when people insist that I tell them how I feel even though they clearly know I am not doing too well cos I just spent a whole weekend in hospital. I was just wanted to explain why I get rude sometimes, even though I don’t mean to. I didn’t expect it to do the trick but I’ve found that people who have read it now know not to focus on my being chronically ill and just treat me like a normal human being – not that I am normal, chronic illness aside.

  • Posts that did not get the attention it deserved:

Strike Out: This is my favourite work of fiction. I wrote it, and I love it more than anything I have ever written. Apparently, I am the only one who loves it. I don’t get it. I thought I captured the essence of village life in my sleepy hometown. I hear my hometown finally woke up so this is just memories, for me. Probably why I love it and no one else gets it. But really, there’s even a skinny dipping scene in there somewhere. Guys?

  • Post whose success surprised me

On Bikes and Dear Mum: I wrote this to make fun of my mum. She says I am nothing like her, wonders if her baby was switched for me, and yet every day there’s things that come up that show how much like my mum I really am. Fascination with bikes and power machines is just one of them. I discovered there’s a whole slew of girls who love bikes too!

  • My most controversial post

Tampon Taboos: Well, I expected writing about menstruation might be a little icky, but I didn’t expect that it would get me a whole lot of emails (I think only 3 persons commented on the article itself), oh but I got emails. Apparently I offended a few minds, because my article seemed to advocate for something that would expose children to sexuality a little too soon. It kinda made me feel like sending people back to something I’d written earlier, it probably would have made some of them drop dead – The Potrait.

  • Post I am most proud of

I hate Soccer: Well, I’d say Strike Out, but that didn’t go too well. So let’s just go with I Hate Soccer. Part of it is that in a striking one week, this post had been hit 230 times. Now I am not sure how many of those visitors actually read this piece to the end. A large part of my reason for being proud of this post, is that I stumbled upon an epiphany when I was writing it. Identity is fluid, ever changing, ever developing, aided either by self-awareness, personal evaluation and honest analysis of the world around us, or by hypocritical judgement, blind faith and total lack of reasoning. If you chose one path, you find yourself in a neighbourhood that defines who you are.

So there…  If you don’t mind I’d like to get back to solid ground now, thank you.


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