Demon Cab Driver

15 hours after we first set off from Nairobi, we arrive in Mombasa. We are tired and hot and sticky and…

We should have seen the signs. The cab driver had been arranged for us by a friend who lives in Mtwapa. We needed someone who knew the town well, that we could probably use for the entire period that we would be here. However, as soon as he arrives the cab driver gets into a verbal fight with a watchman.

Granted the watchman was a little on the wrong. He should have been the one to give directions to the cab driver, not wait for Mr. Demon to find his way via signs and then come over to yell at Mr. Demon for picking up passengers in the parking lot. (Wait, where the hell are tired, sticky passengers with a million bags of luggage going to be picked up cab drivers if not in the parking lot?!)

Anyway, we finally extricate ourselves from the Railways watchman and head over home. Things seem to be fine, for about 4 seconds, then Mr. Demon begins talking, non-stop. About himself, asking us questions and not waiting for our answers, responding to discussion between the three of us (Lins, Bee and I), pointing out all the hottest clubs we pass by. 10 minutes later when we arrive at Nakumatt Nyali, we are exhausted a whole lot more. Now all each of us is thinking separately is how to ditch him.

But I have issues with my phone, so we have to stop at the Nakumatt Nyali Safaricom shop. I don’t get much help there. Actually, I don’t get any help at all. I would like to rant and rave at the inneficiency of the staff at the Nakumatt Nyali shop, but let’s just blame it on Mr. Demon.

Things get worse when we decide to just do our shopping at the Nakumatt store. Mr. Demon tags along, counts our money for us, suggests different products (not cheaper – that would make sense a little), asks us private questions about private products, sheesh! Can we just kill him instead? Silver bullet anyone.

We finally leave the mall, and a few verbal fights with pedestrians, several close shaves with other cars, and a lorry, we finally arrive in Mtwapa. When we arrive at the gate of our new residence, Mr. Demon immediately begins by insulting the caretaker. We’ve had enough! We pay him and hope never to see him again. But as it is with demons, huh…

I am so busy trying not to reach over and just strangle the idiot that I don’t even notice how much my little town has changed! In fact, for the same reason Bee forgot to take pictures for you. So no pics today. Sorry.


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