Where the hell is my beach?

I knew a bunch of things would have changed. But it hurt to find my beach dirty, overcrowded and, gasp, there’s a beach restaurant straight out of that Tropical Heat 80s TV show. Only instead of Nick Slaughter that hot PI, there’s a bunch of barely sober thugs chewing on miraa and sunflower seeds.

Sigh. The beach only represents one of the many things that has changed. The town has changed. I have changed.

So I got to see some of the old haunts. We went to visit the school where part of the Creekside Novels will be set in. I saw my old Primary School teacher – the science teacher. He was drunk a lot, but he was surprisingly a good teacher. The head teacher was very indifferent towards us even when we told him why we visited his school. I felt like we had broken some kind of diplomatic rule. Lins and Bee think he was just afraid we were some kind of inspectors. 🙂

Anyway, we spent a few hours just writing and doing nothing else. And then we did a bit of a village walkabout. Saw my old cove. Saw old friends. And enemies. Lots more updates on our adventures, errr… research coming up. For now, let me leave you with the question of how in the hell I swam across this…


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