You know that feeling you get a nanosecond before you fall? Yeah, that ‘oh God no’ before you start flailing and reaching out for anything to stop the fall. Well, I got that feeling as soon as we arrived here. The reason I haven’t updated you on anything since then is because I’ve been trying to reach my research goals and do the actual writing while flailing and reaching out at straws emotionally for 9 days straight.

I knew it was going to hurt. But it was time to come back, even though I had to use the Creekside Princess novels as a reason for me to brace up and get it done.

Anyway, first attempt at restoring some sanity and stability into my tread was in the form of cleaning up the beach. What was I thinking?!! To be honest, I was actually helping out the beach restaurant crew clean up while my gals put in some work-out time with these exercise-mad beach boys.It felt good, broke into a sweat 3 minutes into it but kept at it till I was done with about a suburb backyard worth of sea weed. I earned myself a free coffee in the process as well.

Next step; I figured I’d go out and try to find something amazing to inspire me. So Lins, Bee and I did a little village walkabout and found an unassuming young artist by the name of Dickson Ngala. I’ll be telling you a bit more about him, but in the meantime, here’s some of his work!

That helped a little. When we went back to our home, I managed to put in some writing into the project. A little comic relief did go a long way in winding us down for the night, too. Who are we kidding, the three of us are major goofs!

Bee tries out an ad pose for Acer.

Water baby…

Something in the Punk’s eye

So by Friday 2nd December we were all roughly 40% into our manuscripts. I think it is a pretty good place, considering that this represents the research that is pretty much done now. So all that’s left is to wind up our plots by the end of this week. Hopefully that will bring us to about 60%.

In the meantime, a purge seems to be in order in my personal life. Unlike the beach clean-up which was fun and even invigorating, this personal clean up is going to hurt like a bitch. But it’s time.


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