Addicted to Pain

Writing is hard. My Young Adult Novel is… well, I’ll get there. This past week I’ve distracted myself a little, so I may be a little short on the word count.

There’s this thing with The GB which can only be described as amor loco. When I say loco, I always think of the moon (as in lunatic) and a locomotive(as in chug chug chug hooooooot!). Tihihii. My head is spinning from all the non-drama. Woi! This train is so long I cannot see the engine from where I am. Somewhere in the middle, compartment 2326. (Wait, was there a resolution at the end of my last post?)

Then there’s more old friends, mine and Lins’ and Bee’s, all that have been doing pretty and nice smelling sunbursts into our lives. They haven’t helped much with the manuscripts cos it has been a little difficult convincing them that we are not on holiday. Still, I have to say, we have been less geeks over here than in Nairobi. Walalala! We have connected with people live-live! And met some of our ‘virtual’ friends. None has turned out to be a serial killer yet. 🙂 Holler at Riccardo, JK, Sunday, Jeddy, Es, Tabs, Willy, and Jeddy 2!

Oh and we made new friends! Big Mikey – his music and stories are hilarious. I still cannot get over his facial expressions. Mikey – he is so nice to us. Jamu – the boisterous big brother we’ve adopted.

And frenemies! Misty Blue – our neighbour who is insane but interesting. Jackie – she put out a hit on Lin’s for talking to Big Mikey. The woman down the hall who wants us to greet Jesus when we see him.

Oh yeah, pain. Pain drives me, inspires me, pushes me to new heights. Could I be addicted to pain? Hmmm…


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