Glue, Maroon Monsters and Geckos

Disclaimer: Both my house and my office have been repainted and refurbished so when I’m not high and hallucinating from the Chloroflourocarbons, I’m picking fights with anyone who gives a fig.

That said: I have a riddle. It’s less of a riddle and more of a rant. One that is totally innapropriate to post online, but hey, I’m doped dude.

Four blind fools woke up after a long night at someone’s bash. They had gate-crashed at the party. And they were blind. Anyway, the next day they wake up hang-overed and marooned on an island in the middle of the ocean. They had absolutely no idea how they got there. A few weeks stumbling around looking for food an running away from imaginary maroon-island-monsters, they decide they would be better off building a reed boat and getting the hell back to the mainland.

It took them a few weeks but they finally had a reed boat ready, which they then launched and started paddling. A few hours passed after the launch at which a few things became obvious.

One of the blind fools was paddling, but a little aimlessly. Make no mistake, paddling he was.

Another of the blind fools was paddling, but he was terrified that the ocean was a lot more dangerous than the marooned island. He kept saying it.

Another of the blind fools was paddling but stopping every few minutes to listen to the sound of a schooner or other vessel that might likely save them the trouble of paddling to the mainland.

The last of the blind fools was something of a weakling and would be caught by a bout of asthmatic wheezing for every mile they paddled.

Which of the blind fools are you? [This could be an allegory, or not]

Like I said, Chloroflourocarbons. I saw a gecko on my ceiling. I do not like reptiles. Is a gecko a reptile? Cannot make up my mind if I hate Geckos.


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