Inside Out

These past four weeks, the Wolf wanted to remind me it still exists.

The Wolf - A beautiful but vicious animal that has unfortunately become the mascot for the autoimmune disease LUPUS

I’ve been in remission; that’s not to say I haven’t had episodes of illness but it has been manageable.

I am still in the manageable phase, although my white blood cell count is worrying the cute doctor who reads my blog and promised to sue me if I ever mention his name. (What do people want? You call them cute and they still want to sue you! )

Anyway,  several times these past weeks, I’ve been racked by pain so intense its reminded me that I could still go back to being on that ‘cot’. Am I afraid? Absolutely!

I’ve been through a batch of tests today, a bit of a continuation from last week’s battery. The tests scare me as much as the treatment routines. I am still hoping I can get out of the steroid treatment but thank God prednisone hasn’t been mentioned yet.

But here’s where I stop and give myself that balloon dreams speech again.

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5 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. like you said, when your afraid look fear in the face, dare it to come at you ,do get well soon…


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