Boost Up – Workshops & Mentorships for Fine Artists

When I was starting out as a writer, I was absolutely clueless about a lot of things. My writing needed a lot of work. I had no idea how to negotiate the Kenyan writing market. And I pretty much needed to know someone who knew someone who knew someone to help me figure things out. 

I was fortunate because I found myself with three amazing mentors. Muthoni Garland of Storymoja in Nairobi. Judyth Piazza of Piazza’s Perspective in New York. Alexander Eichener, writer, jurist and critique extra-ordinnaire.Each of these people offered me a unique perspective on my writing career. One taught me how the publishing industry works and how to negotiate it. The other taught me literally how to write better, incorporating my talent into skill that can only be learnt. The last, well, he offered me brutal but encouraging perspective on my writing.

In a recent conversation, with other artists, in music, film and literature, I discovered that my situation was not in any way unique. All artists need, on one hand, to own their art. On the other hand, they can benefit greatly from having someone, a mentor, who has negotiated the artist’s path before them to offer their perspective, and in effect help them to learn from the mentor’s past mistakes.

With the above issues in mind, the company I work with Lesleigh Inc is organising a series of workshops for upcoming artists. The workshops are intended to help artists deal with the varying issues that come up during the preparation of artwork as well as pricing and marketing once your artwork is done and ready for sale.

During the course of the workshop, new and upcoming artists will get an oportunity to enter long term mentorship programs with established artists, including with the main Facilitator Mr. Charles Simeon. This mentorship will potentially include the opportunity to showcase alongside your mentor at their exhibitions and shows.

If you are interested, please fill out the accompanying questionnaire in the registration page here If you can, please email us a sample of your artwork at, after which we will organise to meet you in person. The deadline for this registration exercise is 28th May 2012.

If you would like to know about mentorship programs for writers, please contact us at


One thought on “Boost Up – Workshops & Mentorships for Fine Artists

  1. Eiih! This is great. I always thought all this great writing mojo of yours truly was inherited from somewhere in a genetic sense. Am I forgiven?


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