Upside down Super Girls

A lot of people insist on normalcy, staying up to life schedules, living up to the norm code. Truth is, ‘abnormal’ is just ‘normal’ turned upside down. I always think about being different, chaff when people note that I am ‘not normal’ and chaff even more when I am lumped in with everyone else. Something made me stop and think recently.

A friend stopped at my Facebook page and made this comment: The perfectly normal humans are all diverse and interesting and wonderful to know, it’s the ones who shrink from normality into being copycats and clones of a desired but fictitious (and usually delusional) ideal who are abnormal…. so, be normal, be wonderful, be original, be you … and I’d love to treat you as such, the proper meaning of treat being to give you a treat – which would be the normal, possibly wonderful, certainly original being, me…..

So I am going to spend a few minutes thinking of the wonderful, original, true supergirls that I know.

She is an Engineer. She has a habit of fitting normal things into physics laws and sometimes totally intimidating me. But she can be vulnerable, and the truth is there are too many times when I have failed to be there for her. But perhaps it is the knowledge that she is tough enough to survive whatever life throws at her that somehow makes me care about her but not worry too much about her. When she explains the theory of the star that shines bright in the sky, I see her shining in a world that tends to veer really close to black holes. She’ll make it.

She is a great writer. She doesn’t know it, and is not too comfortable in the writing cap. But she takes my breath away when I read her work. Too many are the times she rubs people the wrong way, I have been her staunchest opposer and supporter all in one day. The edge in her personality is not because she hates anyone, it is just the fear that at the end of the day she only has herself to count on. That might be true, but I wish she would know that there are people who admire her and wish the best for her. Still, I see her kaleidoscope spinning, and it is not a confusing disco ball, but an elegant dance of colours. With a little more practice, she will make it.

She is a queen of verse. Her poetry takes the breath of those who read it or hear it away. Not very many people know it, but there are times when her brain clashes with her body, throwing her into painful convulsions. Yet, when she is on her feet, she laughs it off, and then proceeds to leave everyone who watches her breathless with admiration. Deep down, I think she worries. That she might not have shone her light bright enough. That the end is near. That there are too many things she needs to do and too little time. But as I watch, she has no idea I do, I know that those she has personally touched, they will never forget the joy and hope she brought them with her verse, and her smile.

She is a doctor. She spends days and nights healing people. Sometimes it is a losing battle and it weighs down on her. She heals with the modernity of medicine, but her medicine heals more with the gentle touch on her friend’s burning cheek, with the words of tact guidance when she talks to her other friend who lives with mental illness, with her smile, laughter, and comfort when she is not wearing her stethoscope, and the white coat is replaced with her fade blue jeans that rival mine for wear. One of her patients died today. She wept. She has seen death so many times. But every time she sees it, she weeps. Because she knows the strength of life, and refuses to let death dampen her zeal for it.

Stop. Think. Appreciate. Life breaks all its rules except one. When it is time for the one rule to be observed, I hope you look back and appreciate the beauty that life and nature bestowed upon your life. And if there are a few supergirls in there, let them know that you love them because they are wonderful, original, true, and normal upside down 🙂 Don’t forget to hug and kiss the boys that grace your life, either.

Flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and missing. Swimming is learning to throw yourself into the deep end without drowning. Living is learning to kiss the butterflies without breaking their wings.


5 thoughts on “Upside down Super Girls

  1. Funny to bump into this article the same day I realise that I am ‘ abnormal’ to those around me because, I live. Life would be much easier for me if I just followed the straight standards(relax my hair, get a boyfriend,,,), but I do my own hair and alter my clothes, and not afraid to stop and help a bug get off it’s back incase people stare. Nice article


  2. Someone once said that normal is a circle people draw and stand inside, anyone outside is seen abnormal and needs to be beaten and broken but you know what? The ‘abnormal’ are way fab than classic normal


  3. Normalcy – that fancy routine with which many irrationally identify – is so limiting. Yet most of us abnormally expend incredible energy merely to appear normal when every normal person is only normal on the average. Absolute normalcy is nonexistent, nor is truth some absolute normalcy. And little do we know that, like Jodie Foster once noted, normal (or normalcy if you will) is not something to aspire to; it’s something to get away from. The upside down Super Girls are definitely going places.


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