The Mystery of Lupus – May is Lupus Awareness Month

There are more than 5 Million People in the World living with Lupus. But for every single one of them Lupus is a different journey, their very own special mystery that they have to learn how to deal with, solving ciphers every day and discovering new ones the next day.

My journey has taken me through muscle and joint inflammation with pain, non-epileptic seizures, hormone disorders, severe chronic fatigue and depression. Just when I learn how to live with one thing, my journey takes me through another turn.

Right now, I am simply trying to live with Lupus without going into anger and despair. Lupus can be unfair – the wolf definitely does not like to play nice. But I have accepted my lot and I am fighting to be the best I can be with the spoons that I have, every day, second by second, minute by minute.

The most important lesson I have learnt in the recent past is that I cannot, I should not, and I must not ever judge myself and my journey by anyone’s standards. This is my journey. This is my fight. And while my family and loved ones will support me, I must take responsibility for myself and my journey.

There are people living with Lupus, and there are the people who support people living with Lupus. Lupus supporters need support and encouragement too.

If you need information about Lupus see Kenya Kidney & Lupus Foundation and the Lupus support group in Nairobi.

Lupus Poster


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