The Big War

Lately, it seems that every single conversation is propped against political correctness, political activism and massive debates about philosophies. Hey, maybe it’s the crowd I hang with. Or perhaps everyone has been infected with this strange brand of pseudo-consciousness that they churn out words like ‘disenfranchised’ and ‘objectification’ every chance they get.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for equity and equality, human rights and social awareness. But I am a little more than slightly fatigued around the words. So many of them! Such big words!

I suppose I can’t have my cake and eat it, so with this declaration of philosophical fatigue, I am also aware that I am shutting myself out of a certain sphere of the social change sphere.

So let me clarify.

I choose to support what I believe in. In making that choice, I am making a choice to support your decision to support what you believe in.

Perhaps at some point, I might speak out. I most definitely will. But I refuse to engage myself in this faux social awareness. Instead, I will focus myself in active social change, whenever I can, wherever I can.

Parting shot: My Uncle told me earlier this week – Mûtino ti bara. An accident is not a war. You can prepare for a war. You can anticipate an accident and work out a possible strategy. But you can’t actively prepare for an accident, you reaction to it, and its effects afterwards.

If, however, you choose to go into a war, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you have a winning strategy, a plan of action for the various scenarios played out by the enemy’s reactions and the short term and long term effects of your war.

And on an even less serious parting shot 🙂


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