Review: Going Postal

Going Postal
Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think this is the Discworld novel I have enjoyed the most so far!

I am not a fraud, well, I possibly am, in that at one point in time I stood and looked at the rest of my life and thought: Well, I have no choice. I’m just going to make it till I die.

That’s Moist von Lipwig’s only choice, isn’t it? He didn’t have much of a choice. And then he found that he loved the only choice that he had. Which was to be a decent human being and a damned good Postal Master.

Of course, he could quit any time.

Terry Pratchett weaves this story in such a way that you smile even as you cringe. You fall in love with Lipwig, Ms. Dearhart, Stanley, Groat, even the Golem, Pump. You admire Vetinari and laugh at the wizards. But most of all, you pity Reached Gilt, because he as so out of his depths from the start!

And now, I must take a few minutes to return to the realworld 🙂

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