Review: Thud!

Thud! by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Funny that I read this just when I was getting started on a project discussing propaganda sold as history, and history lost in hate.

So the trolls and the dwarfs hate each other because of a weird violent thing that happened thousands of years ago at Koom Valley. No one even knows who started the war, the battle or the hate that ensued. All everyone knows is DWARF HATE TROLL, TROLL HATE DWARF.

Enter Commander Duke Mr. Vimes, his lovely dragon raising wife Sybil, and cute little son Young Sam. Add in the usual cast Nobbs, Carrot, Detritus, Colon, and sprinkle in new cast Angua and Sally and you’ve got one story that needs a telling.

The death of Hamcrusher is shadowed by dark dwarves determined to hide a secret. This secret is related to the DWARF HATE TROLL, TROLL HATE DWARF history, but Vimes is having a hard time figuring it out.

I totally loved the part where Vimes stopped a violent riot by getting everyone so drunk they had no idea which way they were coming or going. Important thing is, there was no fight. But Koom Valley was still looming and in the spirit of DWARF HATE TROLL, TROLL HATE DWARF there could yet still be a battle.

The mysterious Mr. Shine, the dwarf king and Vimes and his crew find themselves on a race to figure out the SECRET and stop lots of people dying for no particularly good reason.

As usual, Ankh Morpork is one hell of a place to live and Terry Prachett is a master storyteller!

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