The drunk on the street via @sheblossoms

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Collective Inertia

A few years ago, I got off a matatu opposite GPO and almost immediately ran into a little crowd just at the turn into Koinange Street. As a typical Kenyan, I stopped to peer through and see what was up.
I saw a middle aged woman who leant on the plump side on the ground. Her gray skirt suit was dusty and dirty and her weave wasn’t doing too well. She seemed to be trying to get off the ground but was unable to do so. Her words were slurred and didn’t make much sense.
The people around her asked and someone said: “Sasa, kama mama mzima kama huyu analewa chakari, hii dunia inaenda wapi?”
Someone else said, “Aibu gani hii!”
I was late for work, so I walked on thinking: Lady, it’s 7am. Why in the world are you going to be so drunk on the street at…

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