I’ve been having a recurring nightmare these last few weeks. A nightmare based on real events.

See every December, my neighbourhood cowers under a spate of violent crime, armed robberies, some resulting in death, most likely shootings. This December was strangely quiet, no one robbed at gunpoint, no homes broken into, no deaths… but my subconscious has more than made up for the silence.

Every night, in anticipation of crime wrought at violent hands, my brain listens out for strange sounds in the night. And when I fall asleep the nightmares begin, mash ups of memories of different times when I have experienced a home invasion.

Last night, my main preoccupation in the nightmare was to get my laptop computer into a hiding space where it would not be found. I struggled hard, going in circles, desperate… not to hide from violence, but to hide my laptop. Nothing else occupied my desperation, nothing else was of so much value to me.

In my dream, my mother finally reached a breaking point. She yelled, furious and frustrated by my circles, “Your life is so much more important than that thing!”

And I looked down at the ‘thing’ in my hands, and I said: “But this is my life!”

And I woke up in terror.


2 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Pole sana for the nightmares…i was traumatized last year after a burglary that left me without any electronics especially my laptop which i had had from 2009 and since then i am extra careful with my laptop. Over December holidays,when traveling, i actually had a friend carry it with him since i felt that his place was more ‘secure’. I can’t even imagine the trauma of having experienced a home invasion 😦

    A great read. Hope the nightmares will stop with time and the laptop will always be safe.


  2. I am so glad someone else understands my preoccupation with my laptop. All my manuscripts are there. In other news, I am looking into secure cloud storage. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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